Linalool / Parfum

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Author Kool-aid
Tags author:kool-aid concept-ish drones medium-ish no-gold rated time
Created 2009-03-30
Last Modified 2009-03-30
by 9 people.
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Description Time-revolver map, tremors .. creatures. dying strategies.

there coming, what will you do ??

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had you forgotten? Oh, and i cant beat your AGD either.

congrats. I'll give you a ded.
Check every half hour or so.

If you're in moa you'll be on soon. Dont worry.

register anew

but keep the same username so we know who you are

ha we tied

finally got to play it deeply...and die...and die...and die...and success!

like a freestyle drone race map, still like it =)
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HMPH. That was suprising <_<
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i dont think so

p.s. thanks kool-aid =)
thus just looks like a mess.
but the tileset was supposed to be ugly, it was an earthquake based TS.

ugly tileset...

bad aesthetics, rad gameplay. 5-3=2

very face paced!

a shame not all of the tileset was used. 4/5
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and 4 comments i got two comments =/

o well i still need to finish my n-arts those will definitly get rates



should submited my tileset now, no one was on an hour ago

nice map

ruggedy map

the beginning was eganicesque if i do say so myself.


like the drone pathing, very forte imo.
haha idk, :p
tiles are riveting also. 4.5^


It´s very funny and my favorit

Completion Demo

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