So-What O'clock

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Author SkyPanda
Tags action author:skypanda jumper playable rated
Created 2009-03-31
Last Modified 2009-03-31
by 9 people.
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Description kinda hard. Enjoy :)

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Damn it, how on earth do you get to the switch?
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I don't think it looks too much like a Yahoozy map. It does, however, look like it could be an amalgamation of an older style of mine and some of my newer things (which is a good thing :p). I like the map.

thanks guys

fair enough skyline, when I finished the map and posted the thumb, I thought "dammit that looks like a bloody yahoozy map" (not that I don't love your maps, yahoozy) :)
I've gotta say, this has very nice enemy placement.


It is pretty hard.
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thank you :)
B) The structure is brilliant and inventive, making you think.
C) 5aving and deliberately vague comment.
I always give a map a title only after its finished
Quasi is a cool word..
..might make a map with that title.