Pain Coaster

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Author wulfgang
Tags author:wulfgang playable race rated
Created 2009-04-01
Last Modified 2009-04-01
by 22 people.
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Description Same vein as my last two races, probably a bit faster than the other two.
Quite difficult, I want to see some demos.

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just realised i'd played this 8 months ago, but gave it 3. the nominated races were pretty lousy this year :/
I like this one. 4.5 and best of the dronie noms imo ;)
I like your races,wulfgang - kooky, alternative and fun! :)

Original flow


I completed N

during the time between my first two demos and my last two - i didnt realize how much difference that actually made :o


Brilliant ^^
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unfortunately, i seemed to have missed a single peice of gold near the exit.
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this is

faster ever!
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1 frame faster.
Demo Data
has tricks and twists but not enough to cramp the flow, super fun, super stylish, super faved and super fived.


for the demos.

srry no demo

keep getting hung up at the second thwump =/
went out of my comfort zone for art, my others are beter

nice map 4/5 ;)


it's that good. Faster than romaniac :D

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Very enjoyable, figuring out the flow was fun ^^
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the rest was star quality.
cant decide to rate 3.5^ or 4.i think 3.75 is in order.

wow yeah...

this is even more unique than ur others.
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Quite good. 3/5

your avatar makes me feel like eating noodles...


I spend a good 10 minutes on this map
rare for me for a race
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furthest i've got

this is a brilliant map. i'm just not talented enough to play it. i really loved the rocket part at the beginning. 5/5
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nice map

flow was fairly unique and the thwumps were used effectively.
was a tad difficult to find flow though without demo.
nice demo btw (1111)

This is cool

I´ve never seen something like this


Have fun.
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