modulized despair

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Author fishsicles
Tags aerial author:fishsicles medium-hard-ish mines platforming playable unrated
Created 2009-04-01
Last Modified 2009-04-10
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description My return map! It's a basic mine map. The only problem is not getting killed when jumping at the keys... might make it easier later.

V 1.1
Changes from V 1.0: More bounce blocks, moved the highest switch a bit to the left.


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HALF the time

No gold though.
Almost forgot to post one. Again, awesome map. Sorry for the spam, please rate some of mine.
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I wonder if not touching the mind blocks is cheating... lol AGD
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...but no completion O_o
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Fun map. I always die on the way down though. Stupid last 2 switches. Here's a demo of me actually hitting the bottom switch I played for a while before that happened.
5aved Welcome back. IDK who you are but keep making maps like this and it will be all good.
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Heh, there's also the small matter of having forgotten my password.

Yes. I was JTROX on the old NUMA, but I decided to return as a different user when I noticed NUMA had changed.
Are you an older author returning under a different name?

Corrupt demo

Sorry, demo data was corrupt. I have no idea why.

Completion demo

Here's my demo. I'm too lazy to do a frame count or AGD.
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