Living next to a thunderstruck oak

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Author da_guru
Tags art author:da_guru non-playable rated tileset tree
Created 2009-04-02
Last Modified 2009-04-02
by 12 people.
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Description peaceful tileset, for gameplay go to []

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a collab between him and me...just follow the map description link...


it was the cheesemonger one I saw ok
but for some reason I didn't comment very nice tileset one of the best trees I've seen 4.5/5


Yeah, I'm on holiday at the moment, and I have nothing much to do all day other than n. It can get boring, but since mapping and playing is fun I don't usually find myself getting too bored.
I'm still kind of in the mapmaking stage for my pack, although I'm doing plenty of playtesting, too.
Thanks for the comment!

the older

a tree is the better it looks (your own words, tunse),
so this must be a very old tree
i like the surroundings, especially the "river"
4.765948312470967449663457683 = 5 ;)

Uh oh...

If that tree falls, that house is really in for it. 5

Nreality, eh?

First of all, read this [].

Then download nreality from here: []

No harm ment. :)

That is a good thing. Didn't mean to sound so mean. ;)


My last name's Welsh. D: Also, your collab with cheesemonger isn't how a collab really should work. You both should work on the tileset, and you both should work on the objects. Just sayin'


nothing ChrisE:
Scotland 2 - 1 Iceland

That's how awesome we are =]
to the welsh one.

Poland 10 - 0 San Marino!
Germany 13 - 0 San Marino!
Australia 32 - 0 American Samoa...

good work



Haven't I seen this somewhere before...?
Lol, 5