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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized featured jump-pads mines playable rated
Created 2005-10-24
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 96 people.
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Description This is one of the finest levels I've made, in my opinion. There are a lot of routes to be found, more than you might think at first glance.

This map was featured on 2008-08-05

stepself is one of my favourite authors, and for me Acrophilia really reminds me why that is:
In this map there is no floor to touch, no wall to jump from, and no obstacles to hinder your movement – however, you are in full control of the ninja at all times.
The objects are placed in such a way that allows you to create your own path through the map as opposed to following a fixed route – which to me is what N is all about.
This map is, in my opinion, brilliant. — AMomentLikeThis

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Tied with spect.

Just for the sake of being tied with spect. :)
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Darn. Didn't quite make it.


because he said he "really didn't like it"

but now he loves it... 3 years later.


i don't really see the irony...


I find it rather ironic that atob likes this map almost 3 years on. 3 years later for me also and I still love it :D
but admittedly well thought out placement...didnt rate

Wasn't AMLT..

bitching about only old maps being featured?

atob, after numa changed all the maps you had previously rated show that you actually haven't rated them.


fun for a 4.
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It's actually very complex. All the routes and everything. You can't just randomly place stuff and get that >_o


This is really good. I like the way it's not a minejumper, but the only enemy is still mines. Good job.

It's very good,

but maybe not quite perfect, so 4/5. I wish I could give it a 4.5/5
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it was fun

really, though, i just bounce up and down a lot...


This kind of level is so simple that even if executed well, it won't get a 5 from me


It might make it to 100.


Many different routes. Nice job. 4/5aved


Tied with Spect!
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looks like not the fastest though.
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But it's awfully similar to a map I made much later.


a good, old map being featured that deserves to be remembered, but has been forgotten. excellent choice. i also miss stepself.


Says I didn't rate it.

Changed my mind. 4/5. I like this more now for some reason.

Awful agd.

I remember this :)

We miss you, Stepself :(
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This level is boring... also the tileset is boring... 3/5


This is great. One of my very few 5/5. Also, favorited.


Nicely Done.


You're confused. Atob had no problem with the tileset; that was Astro.


The tileset is the only problem you mentioned. I can see why you would only give it a 4.5 or at least a 4, but a 3.5 just because you didn't like the tileset. Thats harsh.

My complaints about tilesets are a bit annoying, but hey, no harm in fixing em corners :D


I don't think being overly critical is a bad thing. It's not like if everyone gave this a 5 except astheoceansblue it means he's wrong. That's why I don't give DDAs a 5 anymore. Because I realized I'd rather have fun than watch someone elses 20+ hours of work in action.

With astro though, I don't like how he always comments on the tileset. Even little things like the corners of the map being better if you added a 2 or a 3 tile. I mean, it's not a big deal, it's just über annoying how almost every map with an average tileset I see him comment about the plain looks.

Still, I find this map to be a 5/5 still. Probably since I like short, enemyless levels like this. Not mine jumpers though. This one is just like, a really fun one.

...*looks down*

It is impossible to get to the exit without dieing.
Anyway heres a demo with not all golf included in it...*coughs* i mean gold.

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I'm not that shallow.
It's just that many of the maps I've come across that I enjoy recently have a negative comment from you...

Oh, I get it:


when do you think i've been over critical?

And fun is subjective. And I didn't say this wasn't.

*And* I think when maps get a load of 5/5 votes, a lot of people are swayed.

PS: coldcut, I hope you were joking.

one thing

it's boring after some time: I don't think my all-gold run can be improved. And even if it can: There is a limit, and it's not fun to play anymore after this limit ;)


It may just be me, but Atob seems to be overly critical of maps recently, especially very fun ones like this. I find I am disagreeing with his opinion more and more often lately. But enough bashing...

This map is great

I just meant

It's awesome the way it is, but it'd be even better with a great tileset.

And astro...

What is it with you and having everything perfect? I thought I was picky, but that's ridiculous. A map doesn't need to rely on a fancy tileset to be great, and this map is proof of it.


Are you being serious? First you say this map is "clearly a 5/5". Then when astheoceansblue disagrees, you say not only that you didn't vote, but that you now "hold your nose up to stepself". Do you have a mind of your own, or do you simply go along with whatever atob thinks?

All is good... Except for the tileset.


this level is going on my favorits definitly 5/5!


if ocean says it i agree. im glad i didnt vote. i hold my nose up to you as well, STEPSELF!