Part XXXII: Transmission Station,

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Author Erik-Player
Tags action author:erik-player ep-fave ep-mappack noitca rated
Created 2009-04-03
Last Modified 2009-04-20
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Ending in a termination.

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Nice job with the object and enemy placement. Plus it looks nice.

Fast AGD:
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It's also one of the best, and most stylish ones. 5av'd.

nice map

different gameplay throughtout, very fun! 5aved

Somehow i decide to hit the random mine in the middle :p
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Yeah. <3

Also, very slow AGD.
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heh heh

nice generic basic gameplay. way to set the standard.


slightly better agd.. i will die with frustration if i try any longer on this shit pc..
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Thats quite a homing rocket.. lol
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could be way faster in many places.. fuck this bitch pc for lagging so much! :@

anyways i love this map! 5aved!
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Holy shit.

I'm going to start that collab now... 5aved for future reference...

Holy freaking cool! :D

to an otherwise brilliant map all around.

This is awesome.

the only thing I didn't really like were the trapdoors at the end. Overall, it was great. faved.


I've never seen this happen before o.O
That must been one hell of a splat.
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here completion

hidden stuff. nice.
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I might,

once I release the pack. ;)
but then again, maybe you are.

anyway, i loved the placement.
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Collab? with me? if so be on IRC in an hour and a bit.

<3 you