The Greeting Tree

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Author TheEverPresent
Tags action author:theeverpresent fun medium playable rated
Created 2009-04-03
Last Modified 2009-04-03
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description Hey guys, this is my first map, I hope it's to your liking. Enjoy it, and remember to leave comments, rates, and demos :)


Hey TEP,

Just wondering, what corner of the world are you from?


call me crazy, but thats a lyoko symbol on your avvy huh? i remember that show...


It's people like you that continually restore my faith in the N mapping community. 5ed and faved.
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Demo Data


good job.

You're welcome.

I might actually steal my tiled one for myself =P

Oh and here are some things you should do:

Join the forums []
Join the IRC (You will have to get an IRC client however) Here is a help topic for it []

I reccomend mIRC.

Yeah that is pretty much it.

~BE_nSPIRED (That was my previous account name and my sign off name)

Love it

thanks a ton.
Heres one just more developed

and here is another of the orginal with TEP removed and a shade of purple (BTW I love purple too)
Cos you already have your name underneath


I love purple, but those examples are amazing. Ill use one but all of them are going in my profile :)

Nice map!

Simple, fun, and stylish. :)


Second fastest AGD so far:
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This is excelent


I forgot

To welcome u to NUMA :) sorry bout that =P

This map got 5 hours in hot maps lol

And again... u pissed me off xD
what is your favourite colour?
and give you a link to them =D


sure nDEAVOUR, can you make them?

Nice first map

Faved and Welcome to NUMA, do you want an avatar?

Very nice

A good relaxing level, not too easy and not too hard. wonderful work.
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I wish I was half this good when I started. The map's a solid 3.5, so I rounded it up.


A collective THANK-YOU from everybody for proving the impossible.
*hell freezes over*


All Gold Demo
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fastish AGD

also on NReality
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no no

your also true =P

just it happens to certain ppl but then theres ppl like palemoon who can do pretty much anything

well rounded players also may have been on for a long time

but yea that only may happen to a select few =P
I agree that most authors that produce acceptable first maps are most likely going to grow and learn from what they take from their past maps and what people have to say about them.

I disagree that your first map(s) are what your focus is in a map.On how it plays,looks,genre,etc. Many people are well-rounded with many different genres of maps. My first map was an action map, but I've turned out to make DDA's, survival's,Arts - tilesets,jumpers, etc. People make maps for loads of different reasons, and they incorporate that in all different styles of maps. thats just my opinion, as everyone has one.

no offense against you taco, just wanted to get my thought out there in a respectable manner :].


sorry :p

U piss me off


I'm in awe

thats amazing for a first. my first was a piece of crap with 0 gold, someone elses tileset, and enemy spam. 5aved and welcome to NUMA!
but in fact, it just seems like your showing off how to follow trends. I am envious.
always have a good first map and there first map always shows what there main focus is going to be in the future

like mine was a dda and that turned me into a concept artest with ddas, art and special maps (but i cant do action maps so what ever map u make first seems to stick and force u pretty much not to do anything else)



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Faster Speed

Demo Data

It's not me.

I'm flattered, though.


umm thanks everyone, and as i said in my profile, ive been watching and playing lots of numa maps before i decided to create an account. but its not my first map.

faster speed

Demo Data


Read his profile.

and also @ Kablamo

i knew what rates, comments, etc was when i was new
Its pretty straight forward if yah ask me

oh and great map, well constructed for a new comer, welcome to NUMA and 3.5^

i think its GTM

and if you were new you wouldn't know about rates and demos.