02-3 Outermost Fissure

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Author VanHalen
Tags 02-3 action author:vanhalen cave fun playable rated
Created 2009-04-04
Last Modified 2009-04-04
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description I've been quite busy lately. This is my latest creation. Probably my best.

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i found that some mines were annoying, like. especially so, to the point of uh. annoyance rather than seeming like uh. fuck i cant explain it. some bits felt more /annoying/ than /challenging/ i guess. but it was a solid map. the tiles were cool as. and that rocket is a biiiiiitch.
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This is a great map. 5aved, but the mines are a bit irritating, took me a few tries to get it.
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never seen this one before tho :p


New demo.
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Hey Inspired!

Rubber duckies like shrimps!


Short and sweet. :D


i found this to be a lil irritating, maybe a few less mines uo the top? Dunno.


i found this to bea lil irritating, maybe a few less mines uo the top? Dunno.


That is insane. 5aved.
I really favour your comments. I'm off to check out your maps, and see which are feature-worthy. Surely, origami_alligator or Guitar_Hero_Matt are sure to stumble upon those maps.

This should be featured.
It's perfect. :D

I can get a AGD but in 2 demos lol.

Death demo not so bad though.

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...omg this is your best map yet...i love the cave feel to this,mines,and rocket were placed perfectly...there isnt one thing id change about this going to check out the rest of your maps now just because of this one...
...easily 5/5... AGD...
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Now for AGD...
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This is hard. Getting to the trapdoor was a bitch till i figured out this perp jump (see demo) - but even then the top is a bitch too. I'll keep trying...
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I don't liek the 2 mines which dont touch the tiles.

Rest is great!


REALLY FUNNY. Like the concept and the tilesets and the mine placements are fantastiC!