I tell you one guy from Philadelphia

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Author blackson
Tags author:blackson cmc2 rated
Created 2009-04-05
Last Modified 2009-04-05
by 13 people.
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Description CMC map for next round if I make it. I spent a really long time with this concept, and it was pretty hard figuring out how to make it work via trigger. It doesn't work 100% every time, once in a while only one drone will get out, but I'm fine with that. I'm not going to be submitting maps, only ones for contests and collabs.

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This is much cooler than first expected.

Nice concept, but extremely easily cheatable... like easy as in hold-right/hold-left
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nice use of doors and drones, although the general idea has been done before []

nice idea

i wonder if there is a code that will let you do that with seeker mines!!!

this was awesome

i love the idea.


Who could make so many Mpas with those tiles.


was not expecting those seeker drones.
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faster agd

mainly to piss off skyray
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screw you
and your maps
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Cool idea.

And you had better keep submitting maps, if only to MoA.


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