Frozen [Nreality]

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Author drikam
Tags action author:drikam nreality rated
Created 2009-04-05
Last Modified 2009-04-26
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description NReality
To play this map properly you must download a special client

No idea how to name this map. But it definetly is;t frozen.
You must move all the time, because of the bounce block and ultra-sniping rocket.

Speed AGD is hard.

AGD itself isn't very hard, becaus the block moves unlimited times within the same path.

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4 years old..

times when people had to explain to download nreality.. ;d

lol, went through the tiles o.o
Demo Data

Jesus Christ that's insane


I love it :P

Thx man

Sum1 who cared what I made ^^ (bitesize thing, you know). It has 1000 maps and not more because u cant go after 1000 maps, but I'll try =D

I'm testing your map rite now.

To make the sniping rocket, post this at the end of the map:


The speed of the rocket is 20 (deafult is something like 4)
Turnrate is the number of degrees (or soemthing similar) the rocket turns in a frame.
0 - no turn.
100000 - makes it go crazy..
Some numbers may make it move in the opposite way then Ninja is <lol>

Try NaN, by adding a letter.
Also, try using numbers below 0. Like -19.
Speed -19? Well, not a good idea. But I experimented with -5 on a few objects.

Experiment. Thats my advice.

You can make moving gold, switches, door switch, rocket launchers, thumps..

Try it.


Add this at the end of a object.
I think the "1" is SPEED.

DU - is the path.
I will go DOWN Then UP Then DOWN Then UP.

Making: DRRLLU
Will make it move:
Down Right Right Left Left Up.. and so on, Down Right..

Making: D
Will make it go Down all the time.

Making: DDH
Will make it do Down Down then STOP.
Any letter may do. U can put X I O Z P J.. to stop it.

I loved it.

Beautiful concept. Although I'll never be able to learn how to do that, your map is down in my list of all-time favs. I loved the rocket, like playing darts with a spastic monkey.
But maybe you should try and make a more inspired map that doesn't rely entirely on the mod. Take this map for example []. The mod is extremely subtle, and only sweetens the existing experience.


Demo Data

Ha! No way, I won't delete it! :D
My dem oshows it's possible.
Would be and AGD, but then,I falled.. <lol>
Demo Data

Yeah, it's the same gold.
But it's possible. I playtested this a lot of times.

With and without rocket. Without it's imba easy.
With, it's good.


Delete it!

AGD - 1

Is it the same piece like in your demo?
Demo Data

It's a thing which let's you have lots of new stuff:
- New drones (ghost drone, rocky drone, alarm drone)
- You can make almsot everything move - eg. a door switch chases you. YOu can also make stuff move in circles.
- You can place Surface/Left/Right "floorgaurds"
- Triggers: If N goes SOMEWHERE do SOMETHING.
Eg. If N goes in spot 500:600 make all oneways dissapear.
- And lots more!

well then.......

whats nreality?

NReality - I usually give it to the title of the map, this time I didn't. Its only as a tag.

Guys, use NReality!


read tags?


great job with the pathing, but the rocket wasn't really a threat unless you tried to gold. I guess that was part of the map eh?
gj :3
and i dont get the concept.......there jis no way to make it is there? there are no trap doors ...just no way to make it............?


concept, well executed.
4.5 up

Trying to get an speed AGD. Missed 1 + Death.
Demo Data