thought police (8-4)

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Author Ncouraging
Tags author:ncouraging ncouraging police thought unrated
Created 2009-04-06
Last Modified 2009-04-06
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description ded to kool-aid for best completion on agd completion-1
anywaaays, i didnt make a map for about 16 days. thats because my internet is down, so today i decided to take my usb stick, and save the n level i made on my computer, and put it on my dads computer. (my dad doesn't have winzip, so he wont let me download stuff like N)but in the time i was gona i got a little bored of N so i'll be posting a map only every 15 days or so. :)
ANYWAYS.. about this map. this is a remix of my map- penny for your thoughts. (check it out) pretty same mine pattern. the map a penny for your thoughts that i made, inspired me for this.
about deds on this map... fastest agd on tis gets a ded on my next map. (also you will have to unlock all the doors.)although everytime u jump on a bounce block you unlock a door, so that part is easy. :D

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wwatup!im gonna post 2 new maps soon, didn't make maps in a while

once again,

i forgot to actually post it. here it is
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hey Ncouraging! what happened to your cowardly dog icon? I liked that icon :).

all you said

was cool, and gave me a 5, when someone asks me to check out their map, i want to the person to give me some constructive criticsm on the map.



see its too late

because i already submited the next map, so therefore the competition is done


I had fastest