03~3 I Wish I Was A Mirror Too

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Author Naczz
Tags action author:naczz rated
Created 2009-04-06
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description I miss symmetrical maps.. they are so rare that I thought I would do one for 'Changing Enemies'

So here it is. only floor-guards.bla bla.

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symmetry ftw

I like symmetrical maps... I have a strange compulsion to make every one of mine symmetrical. is this planar or rotational? I see a bit of both. 4.5aved (rounded to 4);

that is funtastic!

I loved it.

5aved. AGDing is a bitch, but fun too.

A fun bitch... XD

slow agd

Demo Data


too much jumping in the same spot just to grab some gold.
I didn't find it that fun either.

Have a

Sub-950 AGD.
Demo Data

Demo Data

Great map.

But the feeling was a little uncomfortable.
By all means i should hate this but it's actually pretty fun regardless...

yeah.. go symmetry!

wohoo! thanks guys but some criticism and what-not is advized. or whatever..

I like symetry

but every one else hates it...75% of my old maps are symmetrical.

4aved means

that u rated four and you faved the map


Ive just released a symetrical map =]
btw wht dos 4aved mean??!


a great map

reaaly great



this is really really fun. 4aved.