Legends Never Die

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Author Gods_Reaper
Tags action author:gods_reaper fun medium rated
Created 2009-04-08
Last Modified 2009-04-08
by 5 people.
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Description I thought id try to make a new type of map. and this is what had come to mind. I think this is a very nicely built minejumper.

Ded to Aethril for the fastest completion on my simple challenge.

Please RATE and COMMENT if you like this idea and if i should expand on this.

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Not your concept. But I believe that you haven't seen any maps of this kind - many people can think of the same.

I've seen similar before.
And I have done similar before.

Anyway, doding between mines with bounceblocks is funny. I like it.
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Faved, i'll play it later ;)


I know I can get faster but I can't seem to do it. I also can't get that last piece of gold without losing more than 2 seconds of time.
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is a really good idea for a minejumper. It's different from most.
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this is what I turned to when I wanted a style change also.


so good, i knew you would come back

like my 50th