31-0 Colder

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags action author:amomentlikethis playable rated v1.4b
Created 2009-04-08
Last Modified 2009-04-08
by 6 people.
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Description Description.

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i love how this has

6 positive rates even though not a single person who commented can even complete the map.

I give up.

It's waaaaaay too frustrating. XD

i didnt do it.

but watch the beginning i saved my self so cooly xD
Demo Data

i don't like it.

it's all cake until you reach an impossible (or close to impossible, who knows) jump. where's the balance? NR.
A good balance between difficulty and genericism imo. 3.5 up

This is soooo hard

can it be done?

AGD, please!

I love your maps but here is a very hard jump contained...