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Author Kool-aid
Tags action author:kool-aid rated representable
Created 2009-04-10
Last Modified 2009-04-10
by 9 people.
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Description was going to sub this for MOA but decided against it, hmmm

well here yah go, enjoy

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But I did a pretty cool speedrun so yeah.

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I enjoyed greatly

faved saw it on you profile good even for a favorite


you're *not* stacey? oh, that's wonderful! now the drama gets to be extended *even* *more*. great fun.

actually i can :D

i purposely did that, just for people lookin for a quick way out.
However now I think it directly takes away the challenge of the map. hmmm, my bad guys.
I was jk'en man ;)

and karma I thoroughly playtested, i can't believe its cheatable >.<


is stacey still going to do things?

look at this
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really nice map, but its cheatable, and so easily cheatable it looks like its done purposely, if not, then you really haven't playtested this map, demo on nreality
Straight to Video, is a map where you are constantly haunted by a persistent enemy. This may sound boring, but the fact that each enemy is different, makes this more special. It is definitely a map that should be in you favourites list, or else you're missing the good side of life.

100000aved. Loved it.

quite great : D


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this is great fun! the middle rocket was awesome

Demo Data
Demo Data

who can explain me what's Moa? Memory of Ancients ?

Very very

nice map! >5/5!!!


Looks very fun actually, will try later.