Goonies never say die

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Author Kool-aid
Tags author:kool-aid goonies mhm rated
Created 2009-04-12
Last Modified 2009-05-19
by 19 people.
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Description mhm

segregated for reasons of delight, pure and utter delight ..
oh and cuz my system just crashed into the neighbors fence. hysterical T_T

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u do something for someone, u get something back

that how i got my wii, we helped the delivery man out of the snow and he delivered it personally because it was behind scedual by two week and would have been longer if we hadent help

its always good to be good =)


thx 4 that

in favor of that

all your 1 more vote required maps are now rated =)

i figured it out

there was a rated map i acidentally delisted

u didnt have to rate but thx


im only 35 day suspended


u check my through the fire and flames map
it shows it on my map list, but not on my actaul profile
i dont know whats up but could u see if its there
should be 15 not 14
14 14


Yeah dey do.

Dem Goones Do Say die...

It's Meta_Ing, yes

But right now it's M_I|Need_to_work_on_project

Go on the server: and join #n-highscores


Plan on getting on IRC anytime soon?
As well as locked door cj's and even normal door cjs... Doors are the only objects that have corners over which you tip, so they work the most like tiles.

By the way, do you have IRC? If so, go on #n-highscores on the "" server.



i will


Ded for you =D []

mmm, -_-


that was a bit overdramatic

but could u still check it out plz ^^


i wait all day to submit the tileset and right as i submit someone else submited argh.........

want to check it out plz ^^




this made me laugh

agd, in moa this would have ended as a 5/6 vote map
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Kool-Aid, nice map.

Oh goddamnit

I accidentally submitted this on Nreality on my sis' account >_<

Fun map. 4faved
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really dont like this area.. -.-
Demo Data

what is


very well done

I congratulate you. This map had me thinking and enjoying the whole thing.


but you are right, it couldn't really be in MOA cause of the one ways. It is a brilliant map if I do say so.

night xD

Americans do month/date/year...
Britons do date/month/year...

sorry for the confusion.
faster demo on Nreality :)

ok I give u the 5

But next time you post it here instead for MoA, I snipe it ;)


well, it is the date in the UK, anyway...
so i can't sub it to MOA
its a straight-on NUMA map, so comment and rate to your hearts desire, aha :3


With only one try kewl :) 2030 frames in speedrun at NReality highscores.

I love this map

But NR because it was made for a map pack. I know this map is excelent and it can give you good rates and comments,but reserve it for MoA.


its cool as it is...


w00t gf i win
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but the title is referring to a Set your Goals song.
like put a gauss in the top left,
if and before it becomes rated