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a bit.

this is my featured map of 12/4/09 (on my profile page)

check out the other... please :D

clicky []
some empty/dead parts of the map. not really hard unless ur stuck in a corner.
Demo Data

i know, i know

it was just my damn laptop, my damn backup files for my resources like did this strobe effect and i thought i lost everything, idk.. it was weird O_o

ahaha, if that made sense

quintuple post.

right. once its been posted you can just edit the map data under edit settings...


Why is it back? Can I get some answers here?

sorry for triple post...


removed from listings in 100 seconds!?

you prat...

Kool-aid is alive!

Even though he should be asleep! :D

Cool map. In fact, superb map. 5/5