Thwump Teleporter

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 chume concept playable rated teleporter thwump
Created 2009-04-13
Last Modified 2009-04-13
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Yesterday (and the day before) I posted a map which I really liked called Pathological 2 - Moondog Accelerator [] it contained a concept that I recently came up with called a thwump teleporter. That is a teleporter that doesn’t use launch pads but very closely packed thwumps instead.

I wasn't sure if this was a new concept but I thought if it wasn't somebody would say so and if it was people would like it. However not many people saw the map so I never found out and the few people who did didn't reach the teleporter cause I made it too hard.

See demo

so instead I have edited that map down to just this teleporting part with the following aims.
- to make it so everyone has a chance to see and successfully reach the teleporter
- to shamelessly plug my own map
- so that if you desire you can use this code as a teleporter in your own map (I'll be happy but credit)

no. 33

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haircut please =]

Kinda weird...



75 is the fastest. :)
Demo Data
*turns around*
"be quiet, im working."
"what is code editing?"

pretty good.

I pmed

you about more playtesting, in case you're interested.
You see I originally thought getting boast of the top of a stationary thwump was different to getting boast of the blue side of a moving thwump but having read nemetacyst's explanation I now think its the same effect ok


this [] was done
but wasnt used for teleporting

but, as apg said
"I can already see this being utilized in different sorts of maps"
However, you get killed at the end. But it's awesome, anyway!
unless you move more than a couple of tiles in a single frame and that reaquies very high speeds of the kind I've only seen with launch-pads and here but if I'm wrong please give example thanks to everyone who saw this :)
like this is a very diffrent effect to what I've done here. These thwumps don't move and he dosn't touch the blue side its on the opposite side his relys on the force which pushes n out of a thwump when he is partially in it multiplyed many times. As for ska I wasn't questioning its existance I belive you I just wanted to see it to see how similar it was how said person had used it if it was the same effect ect. as for the atob comment that means alot generally my tiles suck


sry for double post : P

: )
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: )
Demo Data

lol cool

I've seen the blue corners of thwumps being used to push a ninja through tiles, but never something quite like this.
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i can't recall seeing it as a means of teleporting, so props there.

no idea

but it has, trust me on this.


this was found ages ago btw. like years :D

Ì agreee with amlt

i got 75 frames a gajillion times.
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Demo Data

well meatpuppet it

dose always work if you follow my method see demo there is no way to make it work wherever you land and also I explain my reasons for posting in the description you say anyone can use it by just playing the last map but form the fact no demos were posted I can guess no-one did. Also explaining how it works is hard and I ran out of space in the description

If not used a teleporter it still works as a floor where if you stay in one spot for to long you die.


but how does it works... i don't understand this^^


If people wanted to see the teleporter than they would have seen your map.
You don't have to sub it again.

Not perfect

because if you go left of the switch,it doesn't work.

well done

Kool-aid I didn't realise you could just jump strait over. Anyway my ways safer but thats much faster. This is by no means a complete exploration of the concept for that go to previous map this is just one of that maps concepts


watch if confused
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brilliant ;D

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