Where Do The Robots Go When They Die?

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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe collab fun klankaos playable rated
Created 2009-04-14
Last Modified 2009-04-14
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description Collab with KlanKaos.
I came up with tiles.
KlanKaos came up with some gameplay ideas.
I tightened up the flow & aesthetics.
He fixed some aesthetics of the tiles.
I added a launchpad in the bottom of the map.

Done! :D

EDIT: When I say tightened up the flow, I mean added some in. This is an action map. :P

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This was pretty fun. I definitely liked the beginning, but after that it sorta lost some steam, especially in the upper area. Maybe it's just because that first section was so fast-paced, and the rest was just normal, but it seemed somewhat slower/less interesting. Still 4/5 though.

@Pheidi: How exactly do doubled bounceblocks and marginally edited jumppads fall under the category of "gimmick"? In any case, neither of those make up a significant portion of the map. And even further, yes, good maps can be made without such things, but they can also be made with them. It's not like a map is of lesser quality through the use of them. In short: I just found your comment to be objectionable, that's all.
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Excellent map.

Tiles are great. There's some flow but it's not linear. 4.5 down.


hard map
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The good thing about it, ironically, is that I know I'm missing out. ;)
but slightly a bit to the right than it normally does.

They are. D:

The flow would have been ruined on parts if the launchpads weren't edited, unfortunately. :/
And I'm pretty sure the launchpads are not edited.

I love those tiles.

Wow. And the gameplay was pretty good. I just wish you hadn't doubled up the bounceblocks and (I think?) edited the launchpads. Great gameplay can be achieved without such gimmicks. The gold was also a little messy, but I'm nitpicking now. Nice map. 4.

fucking awful AGD.

actually i can't even remember if i died in the middle. whatever.

Riobe, the best thing about this was the surprising flow. maybe it was luck, but every section had a fun and effective way to be played. 5aved.
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'Tis sexy.

verily so.

loving this one


Love it.

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'Tis sexy.

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