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Author Meta_Ing
Tags action author:meta_ing easy-medium rated some-flow-to-the-map
Created 2009-04-15
Last Modified 2009-04-15
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description A fairly easy, fairly flowy map. I spent a while fine-tuning the drone placements to place them in spots that not only hinder gameplay as little as possible, but also don't look out of place on the map.

Go for highscores and/or speedruns.

EDIT - Please watch my demos if you "can't find the flow," because if you can't find the flow, the gameplay will feel unrefined and messed up.

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i really

liked this. 4aved.

Nice Map

Nicely done and everything well placed.
I was wondering if you would like this map.
.:Note:.Not made by me
is it possible to pull off a trap door cj ??


I can't do it non-fbf. And I HATE playing fbf.

Sorry. 3

Ded for you =D []


But what about the gold and mines thing?
im sorry but i have to agree with meatpuppet.
but i like the tiles.
It may change your mind... at least that's why I posted them...

I agree

with meatpuppet, I'm afraid.
2.5 up
man this took me forever, and i kinda mucked up towards the end :\
Demo Data

Faster AGD

That I accidentally did in speedruns mode.
Demo Data

Slow AGD

Because of the chaingun after the exit switch.

Granted, it's not race-quality flow... but then again, this is an action map, not a race.
Demo Data


No flow whatsoever?

Everywhere i went

There was no flow at all for me,and the gold was annoying to get and the mines hindered gameplay.
for a many different reasons.
Tileset is pleasing, very well constructed in all aspects of gameplay. Also gold was really well placed imo, as was enemies.
I had a feel of enclosed freedom, if that makes sense, w/e it was a good map ;) 4.5^