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Author metallica_rulz
Tags author:metallica_rulz experimentle unrated
Created 2009-04-15
Last Modified 2009-04-15
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Map Data

Description This map is still in work, can you please give me some help on making it better

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i forgot 5/5 xD

nicely done

like the tileset and tho gold..and the gameplay is good too nothing more to criticize i think just the rocket was a bit annoying


I thought this was quite inventive for a map. It's not polished much at all, but you just need a little bit of guidance.

I liked how each section provided it's own challenge and you did that well. Each part was its own thing but I felt like it was part of the map as a whole. I think what you need to work on is enemy placement. What I'd really love to see is a more inventive use of mines.

But this style seems somewhat unique and it'd be nice to see you develop this sort of style more.

Overall it was a decent map but could be made better with better enemy placement, making it easier to get around the map and centered around a more developed and creative idea.

If you want

We can do a collab and we can count it as a map we made