Do you know the way to Shell Beach?

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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized featured mines playable rated teleporters tuning
Created 2005-10-26
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 98 people.
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Description "You're kidding! Me and the Mrs. spent our honeymoon there. All you gotta do is take Main Street West to... or is it the Cross... You know, that's funny, I can't remember if it's Main Street West or the Crosstown."

This map was featured on 2008-12-06

Pawz: Hey, stepself, do you know the way to Shell Beach?
stepself: Oh, yeah, you just have to pass in and out of buildings, avoiding mines while collecting gold and door switches. Then once you've passed over the whole city you can use the nifty teleporter and then... you know, it's funny, I don't think that's the way to Shell Beach :/
This map is by all means a wonderful journey through Dark City to Shell Beach. Teleporters, calm atmosphere, simple structure, this map has it all. It also has a +3 enjoyment modifier if you've seen the movie! — origami_alligator

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I love this map and I always will. <3
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For you!


I love it


Its hard, but nothing to write home about

no worries :)

its funny.. i didn't like this map at the time.. but now that my N skillz have improved somewhat it's mildy enjoyable. Still ugly though :P


nah its not.


I didnt mean first feature with a teleporter, I mean earliest map with a teleporter, sorry about bad wording ^_^


but MapQuest does! []

frame-by-frame agd. 4aved. the gold not next to the mine totally screwed with the style.
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but this was featured by the Paw-meister, so I had to try it.

I thought it was nice. Although frustrating later on but the great aesthetics made up for it. 3.5~
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yay :)
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Great map.


Sharks attack

from yahoozy, I think that was the first

Great review

Unspectacular minejumper. Out of interest, is this the first map to feature a teleporter?

lol turtles

5aved, wonderful map.


it has the X-factor!

great map

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and just saw the movie yesterday. Awesome map. 5/5


Still not featured



forgot demo lol
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Quickest so far,

but it's still pretty slow.
Very fun. 4.5aved


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I love a good challenge. It's a well balanced map.

Great movie

Great map.
well done.
Very good map.
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SWEET! It's not hard at all though. beat it first try, but it was still fun. 4.5/5.

For some reason...

...I can't understand why this is so highly rated.


Excellent map. 5/5 faved.
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that part's annoying.
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and now it's in top rated.


How did u make it fly thru walls?




great map. It really kept me occupied. it's hard, but intense, u kno what i mean? Keep 'em comin'

Love it,

Fantastic map, inspired by a fantastic film (one of my favourites), and added to favourites.


i thought i commented on this..

Anyway, definately one of my faves. 5/5

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