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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing simple-challenge simple-challenge-esque unrated
Created 2009-04-16
Last Modified 2009-04-16
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Description Yet another half-tile corner jump simple-challenge-esque. This time there are two mines on top of the half-tile, making this a bit harder to pull off. (Hint, you need to slow down before you do the corner jump)

I'll post a demo eventually but it'll take me a while.

By the way, teraza, I am most likely going to disable ratings on all of my simple-challenge-esque maps. Sorry to dissapoint.

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No rate
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for this:
(make it you can wall slide or corner jump)
its supposed to be this:
(make it you can't wall slide or corner jump)
the trap door is supposed to be at the co-ordinates:
the switch: 396,300
and the door:396,288

(make it you can wall slide or corner jump)
(feel free to make a few changes)

First Try.

Demo Data
If its kool with you I think we should collab, I'll talk to you about it on IRC if your on tonight.

closest i can get.

well it's a start cause i didn't blow up
Demo Data


i only meant that clock map cause that wasn't a simple-challenge-esque map



First completion.

I don't see why simple challenges always get the bast ratings despite the fact that most people can't even complete them.

Demo Data

Very Fun

If the rating was there I would of given it