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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing drones medium-hard slightly-harder-to-agd thistaghasnohyphens unrated
Created 2009-04-17
Last Modified 2009-04-17
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Description *Notice, may cause lag on slower computers*

There are 10 drones in this map, and their path's can get confusing, but once you get good enough at this, you should be able to beat most of them.

Go for speedruns or highscores. Good luck with AGD.

Ratings disabled because a lot of you are probably going to complain about the difficulty.

Edit - fixed to prevent cheatability before anyone catches it.

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get on.

is your username Meta_ing ??
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check it out, it took me like half an hour to get it down :\
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although still faster

sorry bout last night man, i had some fettuccine alfredo for dinner and fell asleep :_:
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It isn't too hard once you have a feeling of the drone paths.
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It's a little harder but not too much.

Any particular reason why MiniMaster? Other than difficulty?
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Could've been faster at the end.
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I dont like it 2/5