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Author fishsicles
Tags author:fishsicles cavernosity-style interior medium rated rockets small
Created 2009-04-18
Last Modified 2009-04-25
by 8 people.
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Description My first indoor map since my return. One rocket, many mines, some launch pads, and hard-to-get gold.

EDIT: Outer mines removed. Thanks for pointing that out.

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and credit you if I make a map out of it. Also, awesome demo Nexx I love how he just barely ends up where he started at the very end.

Much faster AGD

A whole 6 seconds faster! And sub-1000 as well!

But that's what makes this map awesome: route options. And yeah, as I said before, the sides and (to a lesser extent) the bottom require perhaps too much precision, but they work out just fine.
Demo Data

Good god

This map is FUN. I'm still playing around with it trying to find the best routes for gold. I'm really enjoying all the possibilities here, and while the sides and the bottom area can be annoying, they're not bad once you get used to them.

Overall: 5aved! :) Thank you for making a fun map!

Below is an AGD-1, but I think if I switch sides I'll be able to get a full AGD in the same time. But even so, I feel like the route is a bit slow. Hmmm....

Btw, I'm sure similar maps have been made before, but my response to that argument is that the fun part of this style of map isn't the novelty of it, but the map itself.
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@eNlightend: Sure. I forgot to mention that my previous account's policy stands: any of my tilesets are free to use, just credit me.

Liked it

Demo later!
This is pretty brutal. I think the whole rocket dodge is overdone but that you're tiles are fantastic. Gameplay was 3/5 Can I use them? I especially liked the corners that look diagnol because of the angle of the map but are really flat. Disorienting.

Play 3/5
Tiles 4.5/5


I've removed the outer mines, which kill you when using the launch pads. I'm assuming that's what you meant? The inner mine ring just makes those few pieces of gold harder.


you clearly overused mines.

its alright.

inner mines unnecssary imo. Make using the launchpads annoying.