Your Place and Pain (Swarmed)

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day changing competition enemies seeker swarm unrated
Created 2009-04-19
Last Modified 2009-04-19
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Map Data

Description This my map for Changing Enemies. It is a seeker only version of a different map of mine.

This is also a special map because it is celebrating Skyline's birthday. Happy Birthday Ben!

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Ooh fun! AGD

Lovely drones
Demo Data

insanely fun

the drones are perfect


faved faved faved.


Demo Data

2nd try

Demo Data

The drones seemed

Eratic, almost spammed, but at the same time cleverly placed. Very fun!

i was doing ok untill the last clump of gold needed grabbing from the bees
Demo Data

Nicely done

The drones remind me of, well, like bees. :)
Faved for later.

For added effect, listen to this while playing. []
So watch out. A few awkward moments in this map, so time it right.