Aerogel Part 1

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Author chume14
Tags aero aerogel author:chume14 chume one-way puzzle rated
Created 2009-04-19
Last Modified 2009-04-29
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Thats what one-ways are made of you know

Puzzley-action map. Inspired by
Gasoline Rainbows in the Streets [] by MidnightGetaway
Knittwear [] by me

no. 34

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My next map won't probably have more gold but some day i'll make a few of those too. ;3

This is

really hard. But cool.


awesome concept!

oh wow!

this is a really good puzzle. 5


understand now


i understand what codeediting and how to make "black" thwumps. what i was commenting on is that fact that they are cool tricks and i liked them.

also, i now understand why you put in that many traps, and i think the map now is more challenging purposelly rather than accidentally.
i still think it is a great map, and like the other maps for the same reason

I d

hate to advertise but can u see this?

and thanks minimap


you have a perfect 5/5
but having trapdoors destrying your chances of completing the level on every wall?
maybe a little less?


Bit hard for me.
is it you don't think its a hard puzzle
or its a hard puzzle and you don't like it
or its a hard puzzle and you don't process thoughts


Hard puzzle.i don't think.

AGD route 1

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