Modern European Slum

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable rated
Created 2009-04-19
Last Modified 2009-04-19
by 6 people.
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Description I don't make maps much anymore. I think it looks better than most of my recent maps.

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especially in the middle area, but I was just jumping for my life at the end.
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This is a fun map

And so is this.

Surprisngly fun to play around with. I should play your maps more. Mind playing my latest one?
I didn't think anyone would find out.
and I can say i was quite surprised to see those thwumps!
fun fun map
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Thanks guys, and my AGD was about 900 frames mind you. Btw, I also like the tree up the side of the building :P


"environments" = tree and sun, clouds.

that's my kinda art.
I added an environments:


sweet map. waka waka.

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That has to be the sexiest '6' tile ever.
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Oh btw
You asked for it ;)


Amazing map, loved the flow, 5aved.
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So a 4


The seeker

Annoys me :(