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Author ska
Tags 2032 action author:ska hybrid palemoon race rated
Created 2009-04-22
Last Modified 2009-04-22
by 12 people.
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Description By 2032 you can be me and with a little luck I can be you.
Inspired and dedicated to PALEMOON.

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I loved the sort of hectic feeling it had right before the end . . . and the left side was so fun
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I knew you were going to ask that.
The avatar is about ska music genre. On the sides it says:
"Music is life - Live a fun one - Listen to ska"


thanks :D

hey man

sure you can remix it! i'd love to see what you do with it :)


Btw ska, check out my new map? :P


I agree with apse about the laser drone, it was a bit too much.
Otherwise, it was an excellent map and fun to play!
Just hard enough that it just keeps you playing and searching for new routes and the perfect flow. :)

aye ;_;

it's put me of making maps for a while at least. I have more important things to do right now..
There are much politer ways to dislike a map :/

looked clean

but it wasn't really. hated the laser, i thought it was overkill because it pretty much just got in the way the whole time. thwumps were annoying as well, as some have said.
spent ages searching for the hidden flow, then gave up and watched your demo.
yeah, it was ok overall, but not one of my favourites.

tsk tsk, verbal warning :P


people have the right to dislike your map. Attacking them about it doesn't do anything. Consider this a verbal warning.

NUMA Moderator


I didn't enjoy it at all. Well, there was one part towards the top that was half-way decent, but I couldn't stand the rest.


1 frame and a hilariously chancy finish.

I shrivel in comparison to KA though :(
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KinGAleX thrashed my demo. See?
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Fast as I could get. I suppose beating you on your own maps remains on my to-do list :P
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Much faster than my last after watching your demo.

Still a mile behind you though ;_;
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Just went with the flow. Pretty sweet :D

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Pretty cool map.

I agree with southpaw.

thank you

excellent comment

spot on
The rocket seems to have a nasty tendency of chasing you up that tunnel to the exit. With the converging enemies (mines, thwumps and rockets) it got too hectic and made the ending a difficult and not very pleasing part of the whole map.

On to the good parts, I really liked the left part the best. Jumping up that triangle to hit that 2-tile and then jumping to the top to grab the gold was fun and I wish the entire map had lived up to that simple section there. It just seemed like you were hellbent on using more enemy types and more enemies overall than you needed in any part of the map.

Hope that helps or something.

very hard

burt fun 4/5

Token AGD

vey improvable I'm sure.
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