Timing again

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Author euroazn
Tags author:euroazn fun hardish oh-boy skill timing unrated
Created 2009-04-23
Last Modified 2009-04-23
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Description Re-sub since no one's rating.
Also, if you have a website please add this link somewhere: [] or []

Trying to set a record =P

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This corner kick is AWESOME. I spent a lot of time just playing with it.

The map in general is well done, despite its looks. It flows quite well. However, it's really bland. Nothing sets it apart from the streams of other average maps that flood NUMA. This corner kick was great fun, and the timing was well done, but I would have liked some gold to play around with a bit more of a non-generic challenge. The chaingun room was pretty nooby, to be honest - it's just so basic and uninspired, as was the tileset.

Overall, low 3.
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ops sorry wrong demo
sub 1000
no gold here!
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look at this XD (really liking lookatthis)
joking :D
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ok ... very hard but funny too. 4/5