Death of a Nihilist DDA

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 dda infinite nihilist rated rocket simple
Created 2009-04-24
Last Modified 2009-10-11
by 16 people.
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Description Very simple but not easy to do. In fact its probably the most simple kradda you will ever see still took a little while to perfect. If you don't like this type of thing don't worry part 4 is very different and very epic. If you do like it check out the jazzed up version in the comments section its got more tiles and the rocket passes through them/scrapes them like 100 times

I challenge anyone to make a similar thing (no propulsion kradda rocket orbiting) that is longer

This is the third part of my infinite dda's series

Death of a Nihilist []
Longmont Potion Castle []
Event Horizon []

no. 35

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very nice map ( 5/5 )
5/5 cuz it literally is flawless


This is actually really intense. It's simple, but that must have taken *ages* to get right. You can count me as impressed, and as a huge fan of your DDAs.
This is a similar sort of thing: my map [].


so hard to perfect. I prefer the simple version, although tile scraping is fun to work with.

I made something similar with thwumps and launchers, so I guess it doesn't meet your criteria for the challenge, but it is longer. The map is called Equalizer, could you tell me what you think?

Sorry for advertising on your map.

Two things

Just to remind you, you need to submit yours and flag's collab tourney entry later today. Plus, is this a good time for you to play this []...? Hehe.
nice lvl mate i made one a little bit like it i hope u dont mind.

Demo Data


posted my new mappack, please check it out if you have time and are interested!


here's mine
Demo Data

lol awesome

I think it is very unlikely nobodies ever done anything even vaguely similar but unless you provide a specific example its pretty hard to judge if the same thing has and how close just saying

This has been done before. I'm sure.
You will probably like the next one more


the length doesn't really matter, since they both last for ages. I prefer the simpler version, it looks better imo. I don't really know how to rate this, I mean it's a good idea but there's nothing really for me to rate here...
which is really what I was going for this time but if people are for me doing that I will

Why Not Edit it?

To jazzed up version.
how accurate I had to be to make this work. Can you possibly rate cause I'm worried this will fall off hot maps very fast cause of how it looks thanks

Holy crap.

The "Jazzed up version" is really, really good! :D You're amazing!

Jazzed up version