as above so below

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Author blackwhite
Tags author:blackwhite mapdraft playable unrated
Created 2009-04-24
Last Modified 2009-04-24
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Description Mapdraft!

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i love this one
its one of the few mapdraft maps that actually have some solid tiles and gameplay, great job
Demo Data

agreed with karma

look at mine,it looks so awful and hard
but is well

:O tied rozer in speedrun on nreality, Its funny how mapdraft maps play so well but look so bad, its hard to make a nice map from random objects and tiles lol, nice work


very nice btw
Demo Data


6 'Two' Tiles
6 'Three' Tiles
9 Gold
3 Mines

10 gold
1 floorguard
2 blue drones
8 'One' Tiles
10 'E' Tiles
1 Locked Door

You can use 20 extra Gold this round

3 Thwumps
7 Gold
4 'One' Tiles
4 'E' Tiles