Marshtop Part 2

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Author Aju
Tags author:aju playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-10-27
Last Modified 2005-10-29
by 7 people.
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Description A very hard mine jumper, with hard-to get gold. It is possible, after playtesting forever. It is sorta the sequel to my other mine jumer Scept, check that out as well.

Anyway, I love demos, and enjoy!

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Did you even listen to astro, DON'T ADVERTISE YOUR MAPS ON OTHER PEOPLES MAPS! Plus all you do is glorify your maps too, "He always has something nice to say about my maps...Like my map which has a lot of flow" please leave your maps out of other peoples maps and out of your comments.



The tasty mine jumping goodness is served on a tileset soothing to the pallet, but still warm to the touch. Then the flavor explodes (mines lol) and leaves you with a slightly bitter aftertaste, but strangely leaves you wanting more. Great map 4.5/5
Try this for some jumping difficulty

Very fun

I went all the way there then realized i had to go back and i said screw that. 4/5.


pretty fun maybe i'll play it.....yeah i thinki will.