AreaTrigger triggered by drone example

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Author Unreality
Tags areatrigger author:unreality nreality unrated
Created 2009-04-25
Last Modified 2009-04-25
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Description kkstrong asked me to make a sample, to show how drone acts as a timer to trigger things on

I've placed two area triggers, the mines indicated the area of the area trigger.

by setting !6 for the area trigger, it is activated by !6 objects (i.e. drones). Area triggers can be activated by other objects or ninja(!5)

To tune the timer, you can edit the drone speed. To make the timer hidden from the players, you can put the areaTrigger and the drone inside solid tiles, and make the drone move using custom path (like UULL etc), since custom path enables a drone to move through solid tiles

listen to me, hold right when you play this map. XD

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By combining the concepts for this map [] and this map [], it makes a watery current-type thing using bounceblocks.

However, because of the playermod, the ninja is also moved by a wind-type thing. How do I keep the water current, but get rid of the wind current? Sorry if this is not well explained.

I believe

This is max
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I have to quest...

How did you edit columns? Only thing I can change is cursors and some texts.
Amazing drone timing.
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could you make it so that moa maps can be played on nreality? Like set it up so that if you type m/(#of map) it will bring of the moa map parallel to that number? I would greatly appreciate it, or even a response saying yes or why not.
I was trying to download Modmaster but the link directed me to some search site. HOW DO I DOWNLOAD IT?

OMG unreality's back!!
Is there a tutorial on this?
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The people of #n-highscores are pretty sure that QuantumN's demo on 183630 speedrun mode is hacked. Would you mind deleting the submission?


I'm checking up on people in Blur who may not have heard about the temporary forums (Blur is currently on hold as a result of people not knowing about these, and thus missing info on the next round). The new forums can be found here; please let me know by pm when you've successfully logged onto them. The sooner I get all the confirmations, the sooner we can move on!


there's a cheater on map ID 214, could you please delete his submission?
If I have an image from online, is there any way I can make it fit the N screen? It always comes out too short.
Well I can't access the website
what's wrong about that?

all drones are listed there
Force field drone
ghost drone-normal
ghost drone-disappearing
ghost drone- rocky
rocky drone
tile drone
alarm drone
greedy drone

are there any other nreality drones?


Is there a code to making a colourful drone?

Tell me on one of my maps :).

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i resolve it... i don't remember the six | xD and i put only five of them

post at forum

and ppl will help you out :)

i have some problems with area trigger... can you help me?

really useful

194 frames on nreality


This should be interesting. :D
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This is

awesome. I would rate it 100000 if I could....


It's not the end of the world, teraza.
please delete the The_underapreciated comment whoever is a moderator


battle land rules changed

... []

I hope to God you're not going to use that map in your competition. Not only is it unfair that bhz didn't actually create the map, it's not okay because karmap0lice already said it was against his wishes. The map should have never been made in the first place.

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i remember a map by bufar i think and it was a nreality map.
it was like a timer.
there was a drone and when it hit the end, the mine will chase after you and you will die.


This is going to be crazy useful.

@GTM: Really? This is obviously useful in any maps where you want something timed. Could be for a puzzle, but it could also be for action or adventure.
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I got the best nReality Speedrun :D


Interesting, but I can't see much to this concept past gimmicks.
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*Reads description*

You sunnuva. =D
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