movie love and tunnel vision

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags 210 author:astheoceansblue featured unrated
Created 2009-04-25
Last Modified 2009-04-25
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Description taken and revised and rebuilt from the previous []

I think this has a much more classic feel to it. More episodic, just how I like it.

This map was featured on 2009-07-17

As much as I regret bursting the NUMites' collective bubble, I really felt compelled to feature a map that is 1. playable and 2. made within the last year.

So let's get down to it. movie love and tunnel vision is fun. Like, damn fun. Corridors + sets of drones have always been excekkebt playing, but the puzzle aspect of this - the domes + mines + slanted tiles - really adds the brilliant polish that you come to expect from atob. The floorguards? Genius.

Playing this map would be amazing even with a blindfold made of jalapeƱos. Do so. — incluye

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Cool map layout...

awesome idea

fastest agd so far
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Demo Data

I mean

if i could rate... But faved anyway...


This map is awesome. 4.5aved.
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Really fun.

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You know if you move your right hand over one key you type excekkebt instead of excellent. It's true.


There was another demo I meant to post after.
Unfortunately, I forgot to remove it from the comment >.<
The fastest AGD so far.
This map is really nice. I like the highscorability and the relaxed atmosphere. it's not often that I get an almost AGD on my first try :D
Anyway, here is the fastest AGD so far.
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Nice map

I like it a lot. Fun to play. AGD.
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Nice feature

i even had a 2nd try agd.. but the thing didnt record =P.
very fun with the drones.

i meant

'excekkebt playing'

Faved. :D

very fun.

It's very easy to enjoy this map, because it's so well put together. Favourited.

Isn't speed-run

but is good. AGD
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Every 2nd comment is asking about something NUMA related :P

Great map, (So im not part of the bunch)
you know any good bass riffs for newbies?


Accidentally hit the launch pad coming down, very sad, because I was going very fast.
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Honestly, it was meant playfully, but I've had some trouble today with people taking what I wrote too seriously, so I thought better of it. :p

What's bullshit?

Incluye's opinion as a reviewer?


I remember this. A feature? Hmm. I call bullshit, but it's still a good map. Nothing stands out for me though. =/


I was going to feature this at some point too :P

horrible typo.

me sez we give incluye teh ax.


What happened to the Triple Play Techno Features?
I was looking forward to that...
Anyway, speeeeeeeed!
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stole my 2 cents
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on my day. >:[[[[[[[


can I get a "HELL YEAH!"

Yeah, real excekkebt gameplay here...

So, incluye must be related to Sarah Palin.


Incluye is a maverick.

Pawz is on the case, the featured list should be up and running smoothly again for a week or so soon!
Congrats on your 10th feature atob! :D