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Created 2009-04-28
Last Modified 2009-04-28
by 25 people.
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Description Wow. i love this map. It's long and slightly on the difficult side, but a lot of fun if you just stick with it. Enjoy!

this is also for CEC round3.

This map was featured on 2009-12-26

Stuck in the jaws of a cat and plodding through what should be the snowy underbrush, you are dropped when the feline realises that it is in deep water. No worries for you, ninja can swim. It's what rises up beneath you that is worrisome and you are stuck on its shoulder. This is the FIREGHOST and it appears in times of deep contemplation. If you are worthy of its presence then you are in for one of the greatest adventures of your life. Stay warm and be cautious, but don't hesitate to give it your all.
Merry Christmas, NUMA! — origami_alligator

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the tileset is so intimidating xD


except i, uh, didn't make it
still loev it :)
I remember this. Fantastically epic, as your classic maps always are.

Tis the season!
Well guess what, so do iPod touches... And I'm using mine to type this comment Right now 

Cool map.

Posting from a DSi. LOL.

Yes, CodeFelix,

Very much so.

no leaff, only flour


what does featured map mean... is it like the best map or something


cannot be put out by water


you featured sour patch kids

and kaylab

and alphaniner

sick as

Your only featuring sidke and PALEMOON maps on NUMA, next is an eganic map?

*Sick nasty dog

PS Sick nasty is a good thing =)


it's sooo good

like sour patch kids.


it looks amazing.
didn't like the gameplay as much. a bit annoying at times.
cool atmosphere...a little on the annoying side though
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my god!

there's fire coming out of that monkey's head!


I'm not done yet. :P
butttt when I do I'm pretty sure I'm gonna feel like a badass.
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I'll get this.
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But the looks is one you've used over and over and over and over again...

i do agree

its my fav of your abstract tilesets

lol Seneschal, it btr be an action, not like that medium crap ;)

TV Series

Feature Film, more like, with Keanu Reevs as Fireghost, Al Pacino as his nemesis (name TBA) and Morgan Freeman as his aged mentor.
Or some other people.

O_O krazy stuff man

I seriously completely, no jk, had an orgasm when I played/looked at this, favorite and best palemoon map from my perspective. ahhhhh & ohhhhh .. 5avedd

slow-ish AGD, fucked up the end though :[
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Just the eyes alone make me wish this guy had his own TV series
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Pretty good.

I liked the 'fire'

Everything was greeat. Classic PALEMOON. However, MY favorite PALEMOON maps are the ones that look like buildings crawling with chainguns.

Still, this is good stuff.

OH SHI....

You should enter this to cec. Seriousl0x.

balls @ demo

this wasn't as hard as it looked. faved also.
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