Torp Sunk Target

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Tags author:palemoon featured rated unrated
Created 2009-04-29
Last Modified 2009-04-29
by 22 people.
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Description don't get sunk

This map was featured on 2013-08-02

My head broke through the water as I gasped for air, disoriented by the cold choppy waters; I thought I was dead for sure. I treaded water as I caught my breath, I needed to get out soon, before I froze.

I swam to the shoreline and crawled out of the water. I led down on the muddy bank, looking up at the starry sky. A wry smile materialised on my numbed face.

If I can't have her, no one can. — zoasBE

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thank you all :) i almost forgot about this map, an interesting choice for features. all you guys demos are tight
Palemoon is my favourite author precisely because he makes new maps, and doesn't rehash the same thing 1000 times over. But I'd say several of his concepts are a lot more fleshed out, original and envigorating than this one - which is more gimmicky than innovative. It doesn't take too much skill to take a concept and make a map, but to take a concept then instantly make a solid map out of it that stands out because it plays well, not because it has a nifty concept is a lot harder.


truer words have never been spoken
But it's awesome. A bit faster:
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First completion

This is one of those rare finds. Loved the abstract smoke-like one ways and how the rockets separate. Plays brilliantly!
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Awrr you're kidding haha
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I like how PALEMOON dares to experiment. Granted, these experiments are not always going to be to everyone's taste, but I think it's commendable how he shares some of his more abstract ideas, when he could just keep them on some text file, to never see the light of day. It's like when Radiohead experimented with electronic effects - if you don't like it, at least respect that they are willing to experiment and try new things. I'm sure I've gone way off tangent, just basically wanted to nod to zoas for this review, and congratulate PALEMOON for author of the year and thank him for sticking around all these years..

what is that

some kind of tornado that forgot to turn upside down?


Personally, Palemoon has dozens of better maps to feature but this isn't bad.
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awesome review.


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5 from me
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good choice zoas, nice difficulty and the concept is fun and well used here.
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This is really, really really freaking cool.
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Death demo.

Awesome dodges.
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Too hard for me.

what is that

some kinda tornado that forgot to turn right side up?


Innovative map, PALEMOON, I'll keep it fave'd. And it's a solid 4.

fastest AGD

I think :D

5aved, awesome map
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cool map

cool demo where i live for a while and then i die
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original. Flavorful. 5aved
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thumb looked like smoke.
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@TripT: Jesus Christ it's lion! Get in the car!

@Palemoon: Looks and sounds good. Fave'd so I can try it once I have time.
thanks for pointing it out ATOB :)


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very basic

but still unseen and fun
where the rockets separate, is awesome, frets.

Cool map, moony.
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looks awesome

really fun concept, much more fun than i first expected.

AGD. Cool map.
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You didn't say keep off the walls.
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