Enter Night

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Author Chaotix_0
Tags author:chaotix_0 playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-10-28
by 9 people.
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Description Well, I submitted a door eerie (gasp). It's not my regular thing, but door eeries are still cool, I just don't like the really long ones, so I tried to compress the concept into a tiny space and put an eerie tileset all around. Rate, Comment, Enjoy...
(This is a door eerie, it is not supposed to be hard to beat)

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very good

very good for a door eerie 4.5/5

Wow I'm late

It's been 8 months since someone commented. =P Anyway, the tileset's awesome, and yeah, yours is more puzzle-ish than mine, mine is just going. Good job for such a small space! 4.5/5


I like puzzles that are longer and mor harder; porblay take out the excess design in the backround ( just saying!!)


I've been checking out your maps, and you're really a great artist. Nice job.


It's always good to get positive feedback, and I am proud of this tileset: its a pattern from bottom-left to top-right, a sequence of rows angled at 45degrees, I think it has a nice creepy feel that compliments the usually tileless door eeries.

yeah, it's good.

An unpredictable door eerie, this is. Like it, I do.

Yoda complex I have.
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Good Job

This Eyrie isn't insanely complex or long but has a nice touch of compression and tileset

Really good!

This one is VERY good! 4/5


Demo is of my first try.

I like levels like this, and it also has quite a nice tileset. 4/5.
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