Transending time

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Author Slacker_2_0
Tags author:slacker_2_0 dda long rocket unrated
Created 2009-04-30
Last Modified 2009-05-06
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Description just a dda ive been working on at school took about a month because of not being able to work on it alot and i know i may have some complaints but wutever..

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i may have used teleporters but i didn't really want to use something else to get out the tight spot. Also i was going to but i got bored of making this so i decided to just end it and not worry about filling in the empty space, but it was my orginal intent. Sorry about offending you though.

like it 4/5

other than that

it was actually quite good
very nice close calls but you could try filling out the unused areas with tile?

i am so offneded

that you would even think of using teleporters in a dda to get out of a tight spot
offended i say!