0~0: The Invasion

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Author Leaff
Tags action author:leaff laser palemoon-inspired rated
Created 2009-04-30
Last Modified 2009-04-30
by 12 people.
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Description Okay, this is an idea I had. I make a map with 2 exits and a little story. Depending on what the first submitted completion demo is, the story will follow the way that the demo went. I may even make a full mappack out of it.
And this is dedicated to PALEMOON. This map was inspired by him, and he's got an amazing and unique style of mapping.
A small speck in the dawn sky quickly grows. You peer up at it.
A small object comes out of it. A beam of focused red light appears on you.
"Oh, cr-".
You run. But to where? You could go hide in you that tower, or take the drones head-on. Your choice.
Special thanks to romaniac and Laurie for playtesting.


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alt print screen didn't do anything, is there a certain place I need to go to to find the snapshot?

This map was...

really cool. I like the constuction of the tower.=)
the uzi and the hatchet ?


this worked out

perfectly methinks
Demo Data
Thanks, though. *edits description*
idea of an ongoing story-line however with the choosing doors thing you should give players some kind of hint as to where going through each door will lead the story so they can have some control over where the story-line goes. For instance hide in a deserted church or escape in the spaceship (although better written than that I can't do creative writing)

First demo

Its and agd (all gold demo) ending at the bottom exit
Demo Data