Lost In The Palace

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Author Alex777
Tags action author:alex777 fun hard long rated skill
Created 2009-05-01
Last Modified 2009-05-01
by 6 people.
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Description Well while you are there, why not "borrow" some gold. I had fun making this. So rate, comment and enjoy. Demos are welcome to :D

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very cool.

But I can't figure out how to get the bottom switch. there's not enough room to avoid the floorguard...
Impossible to get these 3 pieces of gold ??
Why'd you resub? 4/5

You RCE'd my map, so I'll RCE yours :)
I agree with WBC, this map is good... It's quite unusual, and when maps are unusual they usually suck, but that's not the case with this map. 4/5


I already rated this. :(


that is an awesome map! It is really fun! and it has great enemy placement... or atleast that is my opinion. BTW the last battle is out.