Anger Arch

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Author SkyPanda
Tags action author:skypanda mapdraft mapdraft2 playable unrated
Created 2009-05-01
Last Modified 2009-05-02
Map Data

Description the arch that makes you angry!
for mapdraft.

*EDITED OUT CHEAT* (thanks guys)

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got it!

Have memories of playing this back in the day. Really love the difficulty. High pressure jumper.
Demo Data


that was awesome gloomp :P

Am I awesome

or what?
Demo Data


this rocks my sox!
Edited. I can't believe I missed that! :O

Karmapolice: thanks, but unless you post your demo here, I'm not ever going to see it.


for cheating
died btw
Demo Data

its cheatable, demo on nreality


The map has the appearance of simplicity but it is crafted to play like a full open map.

Just brilliant.



like the jumping elements, and how despite getting 10 floorguards you managed to make it a very open map. My main criticism would probably be that the bottom looks a bit ugly, imo.


Great job!
{When Floor Guards Ruled The Earth}
10 Floor Guards
5 Gold
1 Locked Door

{What do ninjas DO with this stuff, anyway?}
You gain 20 optional Gold to use as you wish.

1 'One' Tile
2 'Two' Tiles
3 'Three' Tiles
4 'Four' Tiles
5 'Five' Tiles
6 'Six' Tiles
7 'Seven' Tiles
8 'Eight' Tiles
9 'E' Tiles

{Evil Mastermind}
3 Enemies of your choice
10 Tiles of your choice
10 Gold