Don't touch the chimneys...

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Created 2009-05-02
Last Modified 2009-05-03
by 21 people.
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Description They're hot!

My mapdraft! map which once again I am /really/ pleased about. This one is even more as aesthetic as the last one. My rules were:

40 Gold
3 Mines
1 Rocket
1 Locked Door
15 'Six' Tiles
15 'Two' Tiles
6 'One' Tiles
10 Thwumps
10 'E' Tiles

You may only place gold if it is in clumps of 4 or more.

I kept to these rules. And since my 200th map has come and gone and now I don't really know which map was my actual 200th I will once again celebrate it.

So HipHipHorray for Inspired!

Play, Rate, Comment and Enjoy but most of all BE_nSPIRED!

PS, big ups to PALEMOON for the comp, ZB for assisting PALEMOON, sidke for inne and inne for sidke. Guiseppi <3


PPS I feel like making a DED for someone, fastest AGD/highscore gets a DED! :D

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My demo is ridiculous.
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Did you apply for

a reviewer position?

They don't. They only kill from teh right side. An NaN'd thwump is a thwump that is facing right, doesn't move, and looks like it's facing down.


How do you make the thumps kill from all sides?

Using NaN'd thwumps instead of mines was a great idea.
I like the nanoKRA at the end.
for some reason i cant play the demo's right. all it shows me is the ninja dying. please help???

Very Good

A solid 4

i played this

i liked the use of NANed thwumps, but the gameplay became a little annoying when trying to get all the gold and dodging those thwumps and then getting past the rocket.
decent map though.


it's needed, highscore is n-reality


AGD is'nt completely necessary, its just fastest highscore?

well thats meta

hes always going to have the lead no matter how hard u try =/
*By Meta_Ing
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Demo Data


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Yes I do

First completion

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Like your Thwumps.


Pretty. Pretty cool. Pretty AND cool.


Is annoying, very annoying.

I will get that ded

Just like the other time


made it flawless

holy crap

this is brilliant 5avesizetured if i could.



first sub
Demo Data

just add my

name. another map is a lot. if u want u cn. thx.


also u said u would make a ded for fastest agd on your map Internal Despair. i got the fastest
to how the basic route. Especially the diffcult thwump squeeze.
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