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Author MidnightGetaway
Tags action author:midnightgetaway featured rated
Created 2009-05-02
Last Modified 2009-05-02
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Make that rocket your bitch. It's fun, and easy to do.

This map was featured on 2012-06-17

Is it hot in here or is it just this map? MidnightGetaway is a peculiar little fellow who's been with us for a few years, staying off the radar, just to bleep up again with maps such as this one. With only two enemies, he managed to create an adrenaline-infused tilescape complete with gold cubes and mine lines. The laser does a fantastic job in cornering the ninja as it waltzes with the rocket. Playing with fire has never been this cool. — Aidiera

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This was kind of a badass AGDD. I have not improved with time.
Demo Data


faved again.
Demo Data


This map was excellent. Period.

Demo Data


the tiles are great the rocket dodging is great. a 4.5aved from me. Good job!

AGD with some nice rocket dodging
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Have an all gold demo.
Demo Data