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Author Seneschal
Tags action author:seneschal power rated speed-challenge struggle
Created 2009-05-03
Last Modified 2009-05-03
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Fun AGD/Speedrun challenge, there will be a ded to the fastest in both.
From my Power Struggle [] mappack.
Ded to Chume 14

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Slightly improved

speedrun :)
Demo Data

Fastest I could

go. :)
Demo Data

Link doesn't work.

And man you dropped my 5 to a 4 :S lol
I would like to play those level :D! Also, I can't believe I left a bad demo on this and never noticed you were cheesemonger o_O!!!

tiles - good

gameplay - meh

I will

and I did recognize you...I left you a helpful tip, as well
Thanks again for checking it out!

will you also

release 'archaic', 'power struggle' (and some of the others from your pack) HERE?
I hope you recognized me on the forums...


finished playtesting the series, I love most of the maps and they also fit together very well
galileo was certainly not my favourite (3/5) but I'll comment more about that on the forums
would you please also check out my latest concept map []?!

Really slow agd

Quite interesting, i never realised floating gold circles were that fun to gold. A good one.
Demo Data

First try

speed run
Demo Data


ded to me thanks didn't read anyways I'm going to download you mappack now only just found the time to do such things
But I can't compete with meta and vankusss

g2g right now

i'll review tommorrow.
long live kitty pr0n!


Could be faster still I'm pretty sure.
Demo Data


I can only get 205 =[


Demo Data

i forgot :P


nice innovation. Would you mind rating, though...?


used mix of your demo and mine
Demo Data

faster agd

i enjoyed it
my route can be improved at least by 20 frames, but i have enough trying that
Demo Data


Good luck with that =]
formerly this was the "introduction" map to your mappack, which you posted...
thanks for the pack, finally I'm not bored anymore...
I will comment and rate when I played the whole
P.S.: I'm now a member at the realn forums, I'll also release a mappack soon...


Demo Data


Demo Data