Road Blocks

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 blocks chume puzzle rated road teleporter
Created 2009-05-03
Last Modified 2009-05-03
by 12 people.
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Description Conceptual Puzzle based on the classic arcade game road blocks

1) The map consists of a maze containing 2 types of launch pads Slowpads (the ones next to normal doors) and Fastpads (all the other ones).
2) At every junction you have a choice between different Fastpads upon hitting one you will travel in a strait line until you come into contact with a Slowpad.
3) If you never reach a Slowpad you will go right of the map, which means you lose, the aim is to reach the door without doing this.

no. 36

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Major improvement.

Demo Data

Fast first try

demo after thorough glancing at the map ^^
Demo Data
when I delisted a map


None of the links I post ever seem to work nowadays...
Well, if you're interested, head over to the N contests forum and look at the thread titled "It Takes Two".
Oh, and I look forward to your new maps!
on my most recent map; I suppose the launchpad was just a quirky touch I threw in at the last moment...
Oh, and [].
Be there, or be an equally proportioned quadrilateral!
Where did you go?

I have missed your maps and comments


Excellent map as always, your innovation enspires me to do greater than i have before. It seems you are a mapper who never submits until a map has reached zenith. This is a piece of zenith right here. 5aved
Demo Data


Your Deds are up! add them to you siggy's on a link (if you want)
Right where you found the ded spot, theyr'e there. []


Pretty tricky...

Yay for slow.
Demo Data

This is challenging

Might grab a demo later...

As I said before, lots of launchpads. :o



Oh yeah

I submitted one of the maps you playtested here [].


finally completed it, without looking at your demo.
(on nreality).
Very nice puzzle, good job.

Thanks guys

rate please
Ah, and I thought I had it too.
Demo Data


I can't get an AGD now because my brain is about to explode. faved so I can later try and work out a correct path


That's a lot of launchpads.

Below is an AGD

Please try to work it out yourself though cause that would be more fun and I didn't make it too hard this time demos please


Demo Data