Shard Planet

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Author skyline356
Tags action author:skyline356 cec featured gauss planet playable rated
Created 2009-05-03
Last Modified 2009-05-03
by 23 people.
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Description Danger Danger

This map was featured on 2009-11-28

A tense fear looms large above, whilst the interior belies intense action. With routes full of subtense, having abandoned all pretense, the defenders, with potense on their side. An immeasurable distense, only for reluctense to tense acceptense tense of circumstense tense tense tense tense tense ommitense tense tense tense tense tense tense — mintnut

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This should have stopped with the tiles. Sweet though.



I don't like the gold, but the rest of the map is great, tiles & gameplay are really good
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Oh forsure.

I know what I like. I wouldn't say narrow though, go through my favourites, I have a wide range of likes.

I like it as is.

I love atob and his maps. Sometimes I think he has a narrow view of atmosphere and aesthetics.

But still,

I like your sci-fi remix, atob!


The main idea for not having mines (and I did consider them) was to portray the atmosphere of a desolate planet with relatively few features. The red mines would have given it too much shape.
This isn't like the GEAH map, where sections of the map were just neglected. This feels complete without stuff inside the tile shapes. For me at least.

Good map skyline!

Here's an idea:

Not perfect, but I'm sure the original could be improved in a similar way.
Anything else probably /would/ detract from the ambiance.
Still, the maps looks too bland aesthetically for my tastes. Perhaps some more intricacy with the right hand wall, or within the segments of the main structure.

I'm sure there'd be a way to 'add' to this without adding more objects or changing the play in the slightest.

I agree

with eganic. The complete lack of mines actually gives the map some identity. So many maps become indistinguishable because an author has fallen into their rut (oops, I mean style) and can't stop repeating their own motifs. Maps which stick in your head have a definable quality to them, and the lack of mines, for me, is just one facet of this map's hook.


i'm new at n and in my opinion, this level should be featured
A lazer Drone, just one, and some mines, and some trap doors, that make the gameplay even more mixed-up.
Mixes up the game.
I give you a 4%89/5 rating.
Good game!
aesthetically, it looks really picturesque with the calm happy colors of grey and yellow and blue. thats actually one of the things i like most about it. adding mines would mess up that serene composure.

Good stuff.

I agree with atob on the mines, though.

Slow agd.

Excellent map. My favourite part of this is the way I didn't feel restricted into planning out a path. Each time I ran, I took a different route. Helped to ease the frustration of those relentless gauss.

Really satisfying to agd.

Is a little lacking in aesthetics, mines would make this prettier. Adding them to unreachable areas, for example.
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even more sub

600 lol
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sup 600

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Map was fairly replayable but lacked polish.
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Almost AGD
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pretty fun

I was about to type easy and relaxed, but I suppose that's only because I wasn't rushing for a quick time. But still, it's not very tense if you're just going for a regular agd.

Nice tiles.


Disliked the gameplay, liked the tiles. 2.5^

Nice tiles

wasn't into the gameplay much though.
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Fun to get the all the gold. Kinda empty concept but that's what made this map good. 4aved.
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but the gameplay was striking. the gausses are placed perfectly. 4,5^



flow :]

Very tense map.


But nah, this was faved ages ago, so good choice. Why is it only a three?


Does I spy Alara?!

Rate please?



fun :)
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the climb up to the top was weird sometimes, but the whole thing looks good and plays pretty well too.