Seaweed on the Side

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Author al__cair__raheakallan
Tags acr author:al__cair__raheakallan mapdraft unrated
Created 2009-05-04
Last Modified 2009-05-04
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description I hate these packs, but here is my mapdraft submission.

1 Guass Turret
1 Rocket
1 Mine
1 Floor Guard
1 Thwump
1 Blue Drone OR 1 Seeker Drone
1 Laser Drone
1 Chaingun Drone
1 Gold
1 Bounce Block
1 Oneway Platform
1 Normal Door
1 Locked Door
1 Trap Door
1 Launch Pad

13 non-'Six' Tiles of your choice (1 'E' tile, 3 'Seven' Tiles, 6 'One' Tiles, and 3 'three' Tiles)
66 'Six' Tiles

3 Thwumps
7 Gold
10 'One' Tiles
10 'E' Tiles

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