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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 featured nreality playable playermod puzzle rated
Created 2009-05-05
Last Modified 2009-05-06
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description WARNING
Research has shown that crashing into walls while traveling faster than the speed of sound can be hazardous to your health.

For your safety and convenience, we have provided numerous Momentum-Canceling Devices, located throughout the map. These MCDs can be used free of charge whenever you feel the need to keep yourself from dying.

This map was featured on 2013-04-18

There's a fine line between plain fast and supersonic fast.
Well thankfully, player_03 is here to show us that line while presenting the benefits of crashing into a wall at breakneck speeds: one out of thousands of reasons would be you'd make a great puzzle.

Unfortunately, all of the other reasons hurt. A lot. — APulse

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Somestimes, I surprise myself.
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Or rather I beat him just on highscore, because his faster run is on speedrun only.

You gave me hope and took it away Kool D:<
No way I'm going to get 78.

Wow, I beat Kool

On NReality.
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got it, sub-80

78, still improvable of course. somewhere near 72 is still very possible.
I love unique nreality maps that throw the usual experience of n mechanics right out the window like this, well done.
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april fools day jokes loose their zest when they're so far away from the 1st. ;)
I remember this map, excellent use of nreality mods, 4. Also improved my 3 and a half year old sr by 7 frames, going for sub-80.
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:O :O

goo puzz

Very cool map

Nicely done, player_03.
Also, Kool-Aid's demo is surprising.


Kool-aid's speedrun is better on NReality :)
This isn't my demo, it's his.
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ha ha ha

king of speedrun is here.....
5/5 from me
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Nice review APulse! Well done!

a mi tambiƩn me gusta!



Play a normal map after this and it feels like your moving through jelly!

me gusta

cool concept
and didnt die o.o
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Demo Data


Demo Data


got it without a demo :D
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Hell YEA

Oooh, and that i only discover this now!!!

orgasmic map!

Correct Way

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Demo Data

Oh, crap.

boo. I would snipe now. :P
If you go right at the start, gravity will pull you down a little, and the one-way pad will stop you safely. I forgot about gravity when placing that tile, but I'm not going to fix it now, so feel free to use it.


are you the [inew Unreality? because in your profile, it should say;

Hello, my name is player_03Unreality

heh. faved.


Neat. I never thought of a puzzle like this.
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Demo Data


Demo Data

fun map

Well aparently I found the shorter route
There is another way to do it that is over a second faster, so I put in one gold piece to make the normal route give a better score.


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